Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hey everyone,
Sorry I haven't been updating the blog but a) I don't always have internet (sadly) and b) I'm having wayyyy too good of a time and am so busy that I barely get a chance to sleep for more than a few hours everyday, much less get a chance to sit down on the laptop. I have met 4 guys that I like - 2 of which I really really like! lol so I'm basically spending time with them and in general my friends, so I'm barely home!
Anyhoo, I have decided to continue writing fiction (I don't know if I will continue the story I started for school with Jess and Ben - I think it would be fun to start a new story) but the bad news is that I won't have a chance to do that until mid September because that's when I'll get back from my vacation - I am letting you guys know so that you don't check everyday and leave me because you think I stopped! lol I really like writing and definitely want to continue but I just don't have enough time here to do that!
Thank you for understanding - I'm really excited to have followers and I won't disappoint you :D
Have an AMAZING August!!!!
xoxoxoxoxo gcg ;)


  1. Sounds good! Enjoy your summer...I would maybe still like to see Jess & Ben though! :D

  2. Gld to hear that you are enjoying your summer! I hope you decided to go on with Jess & Ben, but if you decide not to, I think that you should just do a post tying up some loose ends. Have a great rest of summer! (: