Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey everyone!!!!
K first of all, thanks for all the comments :D Made me soo happy!! lol That was one hard scene to finish! lol I couldn't make up my mind about how I wanted things to go, so I'm glad you guys liked it!!! :)
Second of all, I think that I'm gonna end the story like that - yes, I know that technically I could continue it, but I won't for now - and I will start blogging about my vacation... I kinda want this to be like a personal journal, except I'll be sharing it with you guys :D I'll be sure to include all the dets, which so far are good ;) lol
I'll keep ya posted!!!!
xoxo gcg


  1. That's a complete bummer. I was looking forward to a good story, not just another personal journal.

  2. yeah, i think i'll take this blog out of my favorite sites.. so sad.

  3. Ya, I am really disappointed. I was really looking forward to reading a complete story. I have been checking everyday to see how the story will unfold and I will be sad to not be able to read any more of it. A book would never end like this it feels like it just started.

    I wont read another journal formatted blog, there are tons of them out there. It being a story is what made this one unique and interesting. I will be deleting this blog from my list of favorites as well if it is no longer going to be a fictional romantic story.

    Can anyone else out there recommend any other blogs that are romantic stories? I would love to find something to follow again if this story is ending.

  4. I also am sad that the story will not continue... I ws looking forward to more.

  5. yeah, please recommend fictional-story blogs!! that's what's interesting... to see how are things developing without having to care.

  6. Oh really I loved this blog! :( another ficitonal one I have just started reading
    is its pretty new but I am liking it! :)

  7. I'm gonna miss your writing girl!! But i will stick around for your journal :)
    I hope there's a chance you could maybe write fiction again :)

  8. gosh, i check every day to see if you already changed your mind and continue the story... hahaha, so sad you won't....