Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hey everyone!
I'm happy to report that I have internet :) I'll start posting asap; hopefully I'll have something up by tomorrow - I'm going out tonight and I have to start getting ready soon, cause I'm meeting up with an old guy friend whom I haven't seen in nearly 8 years!!! :O He's very cute, so I gotta make sure I look good ;) haha!!!
Thank you sooo much for being patient! I'm trying my best to juggle everything - I've been here a week and all I've done is spend time with my family, try to get adjusted to the time difference, unpack and I've seen 1 friend, so I've barely had time to sit down on the laptop!!

I'll post soon, I promise!!!!


  1. Thank God!!! Can't wait

  2. I'm sooooo gladdddddddddd your backkkkkkk!! We've missed you like crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for ROUND 2!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

  3. Yay, I am first time commentorr, but have been reading for a while! Woohoo cannot wait! :)

    Also i just wanted to ask if it would be ok if I put you in the "Blogs that I read section" I just started a blog of my own! If its not ok just let me now! :)

  4. haaha i'm working on it ladies!!! :) And ParisPersuasion, feel free!!! np at all! I just check out your blog and it's good ;)