Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chapter Eleven - The Revelation - Quick Note!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to ask you quickly how I should go about writing the next scene... are you expecting pg13 stuff like the kissing part or 14a/18a? lol

Let me know cause so far I'm leaning towards 18a! lol But let me know :)

xoxo gcg


  1. I love your blog. Do you know any more blogs out there like it? I check multiple times a day to see if you have written the next part. Please any one post any links to blogs you guys also like...

  2. Thanks so much :)
    I still haven't found any similar to mine... 2 really good ones that I just discovered are:
    Beachside Blog:
    Diary of J:


  3. well.. i think 18a.. so it doesnt get boring or too childlish.

  4. haha!! sounds good :) I'll try my best!!

  5. Check out

  6. 18a Definitely!!!!!!!!
    and Dreams from Yesterday is awesome! There's only been three entries so far but Stephanie a.k.a author of the "Macyn" blog is GREAT!!

  7. Yes, 18A - They are adults..let them act like it! ;P Keep up the good work!

  8. yes, 18a is always fun!

    just a suggestion on the layout.. what if you tried red background with Black type? I find I can read your blog archive list better because the font is darker and it's not so hard on your eyes as the white?

    just a thought:)

  9. k ladies, 18a it is ;) haha
    KBear, I'll have to play around with it and see how it looks!
    Dreams from yesterday is great so far!!! :)